a one day, adult treasure hunt in the heart of Raleigh, NC
easy?  find the 2019 medallion hidden somewhere in downtown and you win the treasure chest

September 14 ~ 2019
Raleigh | North Carolina | HQ Raleigh ~ Loft
get ready for sparkconquest 2019 by following #SPARKconQuest2019 
Instagram |  @originovel for info | clues | guidance

SPARKconQuest 2018 is history ~|~ Past Event ~ 10/20/2018 ~ WON by TKO  2018 SOLUTIONS PAGE

the prized medallion will be visible from some angle and accessible if at the correct location 
~|~ trust us, treasure searchers will not find it by accident or without solving the clues ~|~

  • $10 to participate ~ You Must Register in Advance
  • Hunt begins Noon, September 14 at HQ Raleigh ~ Loft, 311 Harrington Street, Warehouse District, DTR 
  • Participation means you release and hold harmless anyone involved in planning and producing the event
  • Individuals, Teams, Corporate Groups, & Families are all welcome
  • a 21+ adult must register and present the medallion to claim the prize treasure chest
  • most of the prizes in the treasure chest are for adults
  • The medallion finder will know from clues where & how to present the medallion to win. It's part of the journey
  • Only one person\team can win
  • The medallion finder will be awarded a prize treasure chest box provided by our sponsors
  • You will need a smartphone and maybe other ways to access technology during the hunt to be successful
  • Take only notes and pictures | DO NOT TAKE CLUES
  • No digging. No digging. No digging 
  • No structure or object needs to be disturbed in order to find the medallion. Remember this!!!
  • No searching for the medallion indoors, it will be outside | NOTE: some clues may be indoors at events
  • No disturbing or destroying art, property, or nature
  • No touching art, displays or, participants unless required to do so by a specific SPARKconQuest hunt clue
  • No disturbing people that may not be involved in the hunt or that request to be left alone during the hunt
  • The medallion's hiding spot is no higher than 6 feet and no lower than 6 inches from the ground
  • Clues will not be inside food trucks
  • Have fun. Play nice. Be courteous.
  • The Winner will be announced in front of HQ Raleigh just at 6 pm and via #sparkconquest2019 
  • Follow the hashtag #sparkconquest2019 and @originovel for updated information
  • Any person found in violation of these rules will, at the discretion of the organizer, be deemed ineligible for the prize, even if you found the medallion | please play fair
  • No Onsite Registration this event

 THANK YOU to committed 2019 Partners & Sponsors

Help Us Fill The Prize Treasure Chest

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Thank you in advance
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